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  •       Rixi company is the only zipper manufacturer that follows “Enterprise Resource Planning”,namely ERP system control in domestic zipper industry.The information system of Rixi is made up of online Portal system,enterprise resource planning(ERP),production control system and business intelligence system(B).We achieve highly information integration in orders,purchase,production planning,production control,logistics and business settlement and other flows.The company calls for doing things right at first time to reduce inefficient circles and providing our customers with all kinds of services properly and efficiently.We achieve both-way communication and track with our customers about orders delivery,orders execution,products,delivery,accounts check and orders documents on line.The system is the key part between the workshop and supply chain of our customers.

          Because of putting information into effect successfully.Rixi is favorably reviewed by our customers,and the company was awarded “special development” of top 500 of information in China in 2003 by China information test center.Amercian IDC Company and IT awarded Mr.zhengxing,the board chairman of Rixi,as one of the 50 excellent CIO Manager World in 2002.